You have less than 13 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.

OR they are gone.

… hasta la vista baby!

You KNOW that you need to be doing video to SCALE your business.

It’s a powerful tool that creates an emotional connection in seconds.

Whether it’s confidence in front of the camera, knowing what to say, knowing how to record,

or bringing your message to life with video — I can help.

There is no quicker way to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor with your audience than online video.

“Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%” —  Adobe

Let me ask:


Wouldn’t it be awesome if a video angel could whip up a 2 minute video that converts your fans into customers?

A video with intention, that positions you as the go-to expert — each time to a wider audience.

 A Sales Video, Landing Page Video, any type of promo video — done for you in less time.

But right now…

You’re coming up against a ton of blocks instead of hitting ‘record’ or feeling good about sharing your video.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I don’t know where to start! — you have too many ideas, don’t know what to say, and all that techy stuff and equipment is overwhelming.

  • I don’t have the time! —  you need to do less not more, and stop wasting time DIY filming, editing since its a pain anyways.   

  • Being on-camera makes me feel awkward — you freeze when you press record, you hate hearing your recorded voice, you cringe the way you look.

  • My videos are not looking polished — having the best equipment doesn’t guarantee professional looking videos, it’s knowing how to capture your audience with visual storytelling.  

  • I don’t have the right backdrop — you feel you need fancier equipment, the perfect look or location to film, you are procrastinating.

  • OMG how embarrassing nobody is liking my video — chance are that your production quality is low + you are self-sabotaging “what will people say or think, what if they think I’m a fraud”


Chances are, something is holding you back from been seen!


Video is a magical powerful tool  — when used effectively.


When you are ready to be SEEN  — stand out from the noise.

Are you ready to stop struggling with your video and start working with a pro?





Video Service + Personal Brand Video

Personal branding Video (aka video production service) is your ultimate done-for-you solution to having a beautifully produced video by a professional (that’s me, your video angel *wink*) bringing your story or message to life. Together we can work to make your video pop! I do all the heavy lifting. And you have more time to work on your zone of genius!

Final deliverables (depends on your needs):

  • from a video strategy session to help us get started and dive deep into your video marketing strategy, and see which video is right for your business, to production video service or video editing done-for you service


Helping you tell YOUR story & leverage the POWER OF VIDEO.


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Hey there, I’m Susan Jimenez.
Everyone online is preaching you need to be doing online video. BUT that’s not why I am doing it. 
I am a visual storyteller. I create videos with intention and I’ve been at this producing videos since 2003.
What a lot of people don’t realise is that video editing can make or break your video.
My expertise, passion for visual storytelling, love for editing can elevate your videos – from dull to capturing your ideal audience and clients in a short time. Create massive impact faster than any other online medium.
Personal brand videos are about showcasing your personality traits, your brand style, being compelling without trying to mimic someone else. 
Get yourself SEEN and your service or program SOLD.
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That’s where I come in.


Inspiring female entrepreneurs to bring their message to life with brand video.