Everyone is doing video. You know you should.

It’s a hot thing. But hot things can get messy.

And there’s more to it than you realised. 


Let’s be honest, a day probably doesn’t go by in which you don’t watch a YouTube video, Facebook video, live streaming or “like” an update on other social media channels, such as Instagram or Pinterest. You desire the same, you want people to also watch your videos, leave a comment, you vision your videos helping you grow your business and connect with your ideal audience

The only thing is you feel stuck. You’re not convinced you need a branded video. Just the thought of everyone seeing your videos online makes your freak out and do nothing to change that.

This is the power of video and online marketing — video and  images dominate social media, and can set you apart from your competition. The problem is, it can be challenging, time-consuming, and overwhelming to create engaging videos, amazing visual content that brings the kinds of results you want: create a bigger impact in a shorter amount of time that encourages your audience to want to continue to watch your videos and become your potential client.

Whether you have little to no knowledge of video trying to use video to find your ideal audience, and customer; a female entrepreneur who’s ready to start with video; you’re getting those videos online but they are not converting; or you are ready to leave it to the expert and get your branded video made for you with style, I’m sure I can help.

A Video Without A Strategy, Will Get Lost In The Sea Of Videos

I’m Susan, a video professional, editor, and coaching, who loves producing short branded videos, as much as inspiring female entrepreneurs that have a story to tell, a message to share by creating videos with intention and authenticity; to amplify your online visual presence through visionary communications to get the results you deserve, and business growth.

Video was not always easy for me either. Plus it’s not the only thing I have professional experience in. I am know for making beautiful, emotional, raw videos that touch your soul (without trying to be cheesy) but I can bring out the best in you and help you express it. My video editing skills will also make your heart smile and want to take action. With over 10 years of doing video, using my bachelor’s of new media from the Australian National University, and with a degree in Fashion Design, and online marketing experience.  

I’ve done all the video work for you, I’ve produce such diversity short videos, from documentaries, short videos to branded videos, that I know what style we can work on for your videos. My first short video made in 2003 (without dialogue, which is hard to pull off and keep the audience captivated) was presented at the Canberra film festival in Australia. My vlogger video entry for the London Olympics won me prizes, and best video in Holland. My love for design, photography, fascination for storytelling, curiosity for culture, and online marketing makes my videos stand out with style.

So what if I could show you how to boost your online presence by using video effectively for your business? Properly used, videos and images transform your social media from “just another post on the internet” to inspiring, shareable content, and that leads to greater engagement, visual branding, and a clear vision you desire.

My vision is to inspire and capture moments with video. Help you discover your video style, with words and visuals; bring out your personality with videos. I believe video is a powerful way to introduce people to who you are, what it would be like to work with you, see if there’s a connection. But what I find the even more crucial part of online video, something that everyone is missing out on using; how to come across authentic – everyone has a story to tell in a unique perspective, their own way to the noisy world around them.