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"Brands that use video marketing grow their year-over-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don't."


"Prospects that watch a video are 85% more likely to buy."

Neil  Patel

What we do

Video Strategy

From idea to strategy plan to get results with your videos.

Video Production

Create an impact with video production to engage the viewer to take action.

Video content

Produce the right type of content to find leads, build connections & make sales

Video Marketing

Distribute great video content to your target audience to get result.​



strategy + video production + video marketing

No matter where you are in your business, we'll go through the 3 Simple Step process and guide you all the way.​


idea + Plan + message

Every video needs a vision and specific outcome to get results but we need a plan. We create content that reaches your audience, so we need to produce the right type of video for your service or product that delivers results and increases sales.


SCRIPT + filming + EDITING

Like all businesses, you have a different need and that’s why  we offer full-service video production for very type and format of video for social media. We deliver powerful, professional videos; from idea concept to, script, filming, editing, on-camera coaching.  



We don’t just produce noise we want you to share videos that your audience or customers want to share. Once we deliver your video we begin the video marketing process so that the right video is distributed to be seen by your target audience to produce results

rise. tell your story

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I believe everyone has a story to tell. You started your business to make a change and inspire to as many people as possible. My passion is to create an emotional connection with video marketing—uncovering other peoples stories that elevate an experience, creating a connection with their audience.
Hey there, my name Susan Jimenez and I'm a video strategist, storyteller, filmmaker. As well as an artist, handstand and ocean swimmer enthusiast. I started creating videos in 2003 because it was a way to express myself and I was chasing a vision of visual storytelling. But fast forward to today and video has gotten more fascinating and very accessible to anyone who owns an smartphone—expect videos these days are blending in too much with everyone else's videos or are just making noise.
You don't want to blend in with everyone else, you need to be different and find your own style. You want to create an impact in peoples life wether its one person or a big audience. I know you have a story to tell, its unique, it's yours and I can help you bring it to life with video marketing to get you results. So if you are ready to make a big impact with video marketing, I hope you schedule a complimentary call with me.
SJMedia is a woman-owned creative agency + video production service. For those who choose to make an impact with video marketing.

Video is a magical powerful tool
that saves you time
creates assets
makes sales

— when used effectively

client love stories
The money that I invested was returned to me times 100! I received a job from that video, I received connections from another film crew ... and I've connected with people on levels that I never imagined. So doing a video with Susan in particular is priceless and definitely worth the investment. I highly recommend working with Susan in particularly if you want a quality product and quality experience ... when you are working with her, you're feeling like you are been taken care of and that she has your best interest at heart. And she really wants your story to evolve and you to be the shinning light.
sue lawrence
Researcher & Author
Can I share it? Seriously - I'm OVERWHELMED
my audience loved it!
Sales Coach & Business Mentor
My first video was to promote a live client pathway workshop, which I posted on YouTube and direct to Facebook. That video reached more people than I have Facebook fans. After seeing the reach of that video. I realised I NEED to do more Facebook video. This is now a big goal for me as I continue to implement Susan's advice and incorporate more video into my business.
Author, Speaker, Coach

rise. share your message.

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